The Punishment of Lana Flame


Lana went out and spent too much damn money on shopping. Lana’s been bad and she knows it. Now she must pay the piper! Max decide to teach Lana a lesson with some extreme throat fucking and a whole lot of spanking. Lana dances seductively for Max before presenting her ass for a paddling. Max spanks Lana repeatedly until her ass is nice and red. He then throws her to the floor and face fucks her causing her to gag repeatedly as he shoves his cock in her mouth. After he’s satisfied that she can’t take anymore face fucking, he pulls her up for another paddling. He then blesses her with a ride on his cock before he gives her another round of punishment. He marches to the bedroom where he hog ties her and fucks her from behind while paddling her some more. He concludes her punishment by giving her final face fucking and coming deep in her throat.

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