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The Benevolent Dictator


Pretty Latina Bella Rose Gets Dominated By JJ

Bella Rose needed someone to take control of her with a power and mastery she has yet to experience. She wanted the most intense experience she’d ever had in her life. Bella knew a guy named JJ, who said he could give her what she wanted. Bella only needed to surrender control of herself JJ. He had a confidence and reputation that convinced Bella she was in good hands. Today, Bella finally decided to visit JJ at his home. JJ was patience, but Bella could wait. JJ leads Bella into an empty basement. Then, he makes Bella play with her pulsating pussy while he watched in the shadows. After, Jay handcuffs Bella to an ottoman while he finger fucked and massaged her clitoris with a hitachi wand. Finally, JJ face fucked Bella until it was time to bend her over and fuck her into submission.

The Punishment of Lana Flame


Wife Punished by BBC Lover with Spanking and Extreme Deepthroat

Lana went out and spent too much damn money on shopping. Lana’s been bad and she knows it. Now she must pay the piper! Max decide to teach Lana a lesson with some extreme throat fucking and a whole lot of spanking. Lana dances seductively for Max before presenting her ass for a paddling. Max spanks Lana repeatedly until her ass is nice and red. He then throws her to the floor and face fucks her causing her to gag repeatedly as he shoves his cock in her mouth. After he’s satisfied that she can’t take anymore face fucking, he pulls her up for another paddling. He then blesses her with a ride on his cock before he gives her another round of punishment. He marches to the bedroom where he hog ties her and fucks her from behind while paddling her some more. He concludes her punishment by giving her final face fucking and coming deep in her throat.

Lana Flame Home Alone with Her BBC Vibrator


Wife Masturbates with BBC Cock while Husband is Away

Our MILF warms herself up by feeling her breasts and rubbing her clit. Despite her little warm-up, she has trouble getting her BBC replacement cock into her tight pussy. Once in, she rides it, bouncing up and down on it as if it’s the real thing. When she can’t take anymore and needs to cum, she lays down and fucks herself hard and fast while imagining how good the real thing would feel. She squeeze her fake cock as deep into her pussy as it will go. Finally, she cums and is left immobile as she struggles to catch her breath.

Lana Flame gets the Pounding She Deserves


MILF Takes a BBC Pounding after Some 69 Deepthroating

First, this MILF gets rubbed down by her black lover. He probes her pussy, getting in close to expose the pink folds. He gives her a vigorous finger bang, fingering her hard and fast as she moans in response. Then, he pulls her into a 69 and she slides her mouth down his erected cock. She tries to concentrate on pleasing him, but his tongue feels so good on her clit. After, he plows his dick into her pussy and gives her a hard fucking. Her tits bounce up and down with every powerful thrust. He wraps his fingers around her throat. She is under the control of his powerful cock, just as she likes it. He finally blows his load all over her.

Lana Eats Ass and Gets Creampied


Wife Eats Ass and Gets Creampied by Lover’s BBC

This is the very first video we shot. Lana started things off by finger banging herself. She got so into it, Lana almost fisted herself when she climax. After her first orgasm, Lana decided to fill up her mouth with some of Max’s black cock! Lana’s suck fest soon turned into some serious ass eating. Lana loves eating Max’s ass like groceries. Eventually, Max couldn’t take anymore. He need to tear in Lana. Max tried to rip Lana open with some intense fucking before dropping his huge load deep inside Lana’s pussy.

Max Destroys Lane with Some Good Anal Fucking


BBC Slut Takes Black Cock in the Ass

I’ll be the first to admit, this was one wild night. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. In this finale to the Red Light Special, we go deep down the rabbit hole. Max warms Lana up with a little oil and ass play. Then, Max lubes up Lana’s asshole and dives in deep. Lana squeals like a little piggy. Max stuffs Lana little warm ass with so much cock, she literally collapses to the floor. Before you know it, Lana wants nothing more than Max’s big black cock, balls deep in her asshole. She keeps saying, “Fuck My Ass”! Once Max is finish with Lana’s asshole, he props Lana up on a sofa and drives into her pussy. Max finish by dripping a steam load of cum into Lana’s mouth.

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